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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ken Update

(1983)click on photo to enlarge

So much to say, but it is late and I am tired. We, Ken's family, see improvement every day, but he is not responding consistently to the medical staff.

Early this am he yanked out his nasal feeding tube in his sleep. His hands have to be tied down . When I left him last night, I told them that I was leaving and that this had to be done. I told the head nurse. It did not get done. I am upset. The head nurse said that our nurse determined that he didn't need it.This is BS- because they are the ones who have always told us that the patients do this often in their sleep, and that is why they do it..... I told them it had to be done. I think that the head nurse screwed up and blamed it on his regular nurse.

Then, the nurse who was his nurse when he came to the new room (he left ICU yesterday), when I went to meet her last night and to tell her that he gets cold, and that his right side hurts from the cancer when he is on that side, started asking me questions about resuscitation, etc. That's fine. But , when I told her my answer she started to push her opinions on us regarding his chances with his cancer and all. The nurse! When I went home, I was upset. Today she was his nurse again, and she started again. I clearly told her that the family supported him and his abilities. We want to give him a chance. She doesn't even know him.

Last night Lara spent the night w/him. She told me that his nurse this am was yelling at him. It was that same nurse. Then , she continued to push her opinions upon my hubby's Mom and sisters, talking about how serious his situation is and ALL the things he has against him, IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!!- and not in the same way that the ICU nurses spoke with him.

There is no one who knows better the possibilities of my husband's circumstances. And before his brain surgery 3 yrs. ago we talked about all of this. It was uncomfortable, but we did it. He would not want to be a vegetable for life, but he would like to have a chance. And I must use my instincts. At this point, I would like for him to visualize the healing and to be hopeful. There are many miracles that have already occurred. And I will be darned if I will not give him a chance.

I will call some people at the hospital tomorrow to discuss these things. The neurologist stated, that as long as he progresses, even if slowly, this is what we must look for. With his brain radiation it just may take a little longer. I will ask that this nurse not work with my husband.

My husband hears all. He has conversations with us. He wanted to go to the bathroom last night and said so, w/a 4 word complete sentence. He started to put his leg off the bed. My daughter told him not to.

I pray that God will lead the way, and will not let him suffer needlessly. In our family, we like to prove doctors wrong, and we do. We have done it for serious conditions. I pray that this will be one of those times. I cannot do anything less than to give my husband his hope and a fighting chance.He is an athlete, and a very good one.

Keep your eye on the ball Ken.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Lydia, Seeing that photo of the two of you is just wonderful. You both are such good looking kids!You are holding on to God and believing for His Hand on your husband. I am praying and know God is with you all. Stay strong and hold on.

Patti said...

I know how frustrating the medical team can be. There are some that are so loving compassionate and sympathetic and some that seem to not give a damn. I went through this with my Mother 2 years ago. You have to ask that the nurse that is upsetting you and your family not be able to work with Ken.

There is no excuse for what you have told me and I am happy to hear that you are going to have a talk with the hospital staff. Be firm and do not give in. You know Ken better than anyone.

My prayers are with you my friend. I am praying for a miracle for Ken.

God Bless You

Diva Kreszl said...

Continuing to pray for you and your family...God can and does deliver miracles!

mystele said...

lydia, thank you so much for the email...i will be praying that each of you grows deeper into God during this time and that His will be done. i will also be praying about the nursing staff. hold on to Him!

Laurie said...

Don't make me fly out there and kick that nurse where she needs to be kicked! Trust yourself, Lydia. I know you do.

vivian said...

YOu know that I am praying for miracles.. comfort and joy for you, Ken and your family!
oh and I agree you should talk to someone about that nurse.