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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wed. Update

So I woke up and called the ICU, gave my password, and was told that there was not much progress from yesterday. Driving in to the hospital I was hoping that it wouldn't be a meltdown day. I prayed to God loudly in the car, "Please, I am praying big prayers!"

I went into his room, washed my hands, sat down near him, said Hi Ken. Did you see Dr. S? He answered me in a deep, low voice, very distinctly, "NO." It was then that I realized that he had been extubated. He was off life support! I couldn't believe it.I was so very excited that I went to tell the nurse about him speaking. Everyone at the desk was excited.

We had a lot of conversation during the day. His voice does not sound like his real voice- that's from having the respirator tube in his throat. I asked him what his name was. He answered Dave.(We have a friend named Dave). The nurse corrected him and told him his name. She gave me the thumbs up outside the room.

The next time that I asked him his name, he told me that his name was Alison! That was right after his sister Alison left. I told him again who he was. He responded with little conversations as to his comfort -ex. are you cold? yes....are you moving your feet because you are uncomfortable. No. Are you moving them because you are exercising them? Yes.........................

Then when one of his other sisters came, she was in the room alone w/him for a little when he started to cough and dribble out junk. She wiped him w/a towel and ended up dragging out a lot of junk. She remarked about having a lot of crap in there, and he laughed.

The physical therapist came and worked w/him a little. She then told him she was going to have him sit up. I thought to myself,"What!?" I couldn't believe it. He responded to some of the commands. Then she said he was going to stand up. I couldn't believe it. She put this big, thick leather belt around his waist snugly, and pulled him up from the belt, while the assistant steadied him from the side, and me by his shoulder. His head hung limp on his chest. She told him to lift his head. He could only do it twice. She said that he moved more spontaneously, than by command. They want to get patients up as soon as possible, so that there is less chance of a blood clot.

Now that he is off life support, they want him fully awake for a couple of days, then they will talk therapy. That's when he will be moved to rehab.

I pray that he will have no digressions, because he has very far to go. He could not stand being like this for an extended time. He overheard us talking about what he has gone through, and" and all this on top of his cancer", and he looked like he wanted to cry. I think that it was a lucid moment. He is upset and sometimes confused by all the tubes and cords, and wants to yank things out. One arm has a slight restraint, so that he cannot reach too far. He shows more discomfort, and has pain on his right side as he had before.

He was very weak for the month before w/his kidney problems, after he got a bug on top of the chemo nausea, vomiting for over a week. After that he would feel crappy, then vomit while taking a bite of dinner. But, my hubby is an athlete, ...and a very good one. Even with the vomiting he would go to work out for ten minutes here, and there.He did push himself too much, driving to and from work (a distance), teaching lessons, (although he started to get help with the hitting as he directed).

He is already a miracle_ falling, going into seizre,then having multiple seizures, having a stroke, a touch of pneumonis, a blood clot in the lung (one of the worst places to have one), kidney problems, all on top of stage 4 lung cancer. He was diagnosed in 2006. Had brain surgery, whole brain radiation, chemo, chest radiation, clinical trial, then just had 4 more chemo. The last one was too much, and he got a bug on top of it. He has been living with pain since last fall. And he was going to work, although lately couldn't do much.

I am praying for BIG MIRACLES LORD!!!!! His situation is still so very precarious, and his, and our lives, have changed so drastically, so quickly. But, we moved so very quickly when the initial fall occurred. The hospital and workers have been so very good.

And we are blessed with so much love and support from family and friends from around the world. I am just blown away by huge acts of kindness , support, and help.

Thank you all for all your prayers, emails, texts, love, friendship , and support. We love you.God Bless.


vivian said...

arhgggg!!! I'm soooo sorry I'v missed all of this! Praying praying praying! I just need my computer back so I can keep up! big hugs to you and your family. I know how much you stress.. I'm going to pray for peace and comfort for you!
i'll be back soon!

Anonymous said...

Lydia, thanks for the update. Saw Lara for a short while last night. Told her to let me know if they needed anyhting. I want to make sure that S knows we are available. He is so quiet and that sometimes worries me.
Keeping you in our thoughts and sending our Love.

Vitaly said...

It's Vitaly. Lida, please hang on you both. I dreamed for all of my life to meet some day with you, Ken and all of your family. Please say it to him and ask to HANG ON just some more.
Praying with you. Vitaly.

Diva Kreszl said...

Continuing to hold you both in my prayers!!! May God bless you with a miracle, after all this is the season of miracles!

Lydia said...

xo Thank you all.
Vitaly, you know that you can come any time.I will tell him. xo

fairbluemoon said...

My heart and prayers are with you. Stay strong and keep up the good fight!