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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alex's Art

So my daughter Alex, has been making art her whole life. You will find her on the phone on her bed, making art. ...or on the floor.....So she made a bunch of charm bracelets, necklaces of vintage and new findings, broches ,etc.. for the show at Laura's. Only Mom had to tag and inventory them. So I made her up sheets of names for her to cut into tags, so that she can do her own tagging. It's the Cezanne font, which I love. 

Basically I print out the business name, or what I want to say, all over the page with spaces. I print them out on cardstock, then take different hole punches to cut them out. They're ready to go, by punching a circular hole, large or small from which to hang or brad the tag.

Oh, yeah, and she likes to eat when she is hungry. Don't we all? Well, Alex hungry, is not a happy girl. Settle her little tummy, and she's a happy camper. Even when we took her and her sister to Switzerland, (Alex was 4 and Lara was 1 1/2), the way to have a calm and happy day, was to give her food( bread), and drink, (tea/water). She was so finicky, that if she didn't like the food, some good bread-I'm talking the real stuff, not the packaged store bought bread- would always tide her over 'til we  could get some nice protein or friuts into her.

And if you are ever in Geneva, the absolute best place to eat is the 'Cafe de Paris'. It just serves entrecote,(rib steak), salade,et pommes frites. Oh, yes, wine also. That's it. The entrecote is a secret recipe. It's tender , thin beef slices, served to perfection in their own 'sauce'. Basically, it's a butter, garlic concoction that'll blow your mind. And the french fries are skinny , and delicious, cooked from real potatoes. The salad is perfect to finish the entree. And I think, they serve ice cream for dessert. 

Also, the train ride from Geneva to Bern, whefre the Bern Bears are located, has a great car for kids, with play area right in the train-and place for parents to sit at tables. And this was 18 years ago!

Anyone see the Bern Bears? ...Or eat at the Cafe de Paris in Geneve?

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Patti said...

Cute idea Alex!!
Let us see more of you art

Lydia thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately my computer lost all of my email that notified me that you left a comment so just now saw it.

The little notebooks are just the small notebooks you buy in the stores. Probably 4 x 6

Hope you are doing good and from the looks of your blog you are.
Drop by again real soon ...I missed you!
Hugs and God Bless You