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Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you, Nice to Meet you, and Getting Ready for a show...

So here's a quick and inexpensive , yet personalized idea! I purchased a little silver bead toy in the dollar section at Target over the holidays. You know, it's round, has a picture enclosed under glass, with holes punched through the picture, and you try to move the silver beads into the holes. You're done, when all the holes are filled. A very old style game for younguns'.
I took apart the wooden back of the toy, cut out a picture of my little nephew,born on my b-day almost 2 yrs. ago, and his older brother to fit the inside. I pressed the paper on the inside to make the whole template, holes included.  Then I punched out the holes to match their openings inside the toy. I glued down the picture with some glue, then sealed the wood backing.....Voila, a simple personalized toy, that was a hit with my nephew and his family. :)  (Sorry for poor photo- camera does not take good close up pics.)>
The whole job took less than a half hour, cost $1.00, and some scraps of paper, and glue. I covered the back to personalize it, and make it look special. And there you have it! It's always so much fun making special little things like this to personalize for others. People are always amazed that you think of these things. Go figure! I thought I was just having fun!:)
Thank you for all of the  nice comments  from the Carnival attendees and all who visited during this weekend's Carnival Blog Soiree posts....And,... So nice to meet so many of you! A couple of the attendees posted off the chart fabulously! Wow! That was a lot of fun:)

So I'm getting ready for Laura's Springtime in Frizellburg show, at Frizellburg Antiques, in Taneytown,MD.. I've been doing Laura's shows for years now, since my kids were little. Her place is located in Carroll county, minutes from the Pennsylvania border.( The other show is Christmas in Frizellburg). She gets some the finest area artists, especially with  a vintage flair. Plus, if you like smalls, you will love rummaging through her bags and baskets of misc. items with which to make art. She displays really well, so if you like smalls, I promise, you will not be disappointed! 

I only have a little to bring in , at this point, but Laura makes you feel special, no matter how much you bring in. She is an absolute doll- I mean, THE nicest person! So if you're in the area, check out the show on 20-21 March, 2009. Just click on Frizellburg Antiques to link and get directions and further info:)

So, I'm always last minute Sally when it comes to delivering to her show, as something always comes up- like the visit to the Medical Ctr. to have my son's foot x-rayed this am.. Radiologist said it wasn't broken, but it's swollen and bruised nastily, so we'll keep an eye on it, looking out for a stress fracture. And my other daughter, just got her license but has no car, and so because I need my car, I don't give it up that readily. You know what that means! Chauffeur-especially to last minute events-ug!

Wish me luck! What shows or events are you getting ready for? Making anything special?


Poetic Dreams said...

Adoreable! Wishing ya a wonderful day. Hugs~

oksana said...

So cute!

Laurie said...

Wow, what a great personalized gift! You are really very clever. I wish I could travel to your Frizzleberg show -- that looks like so much fun! Sending lots of luck and good sales your way. Sadly, I'm not involved in any shows. I really must get my rear in gear, huh?!