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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Flea Market Finds

Here's a sweet little antique, satin purse, with tiny white and gold beads. A great' Something Borrowed 'clutch, that would be great for a wedding. Alex loves purses, and may get it, if it doesn't go for sale.:)
Way cool working clock! Except I want to give it a new fresh cord. It's got a great aged metal rim , and is just over a foot in diameter. It just needs some cardboard or other hard material to hold the glass and clock in place. It will go into my studio when built, unless I put it for sale.
This is an old little picture stand. It's got wonderful patina. Matches my old grapefruit spoon. I found a set of 4 grapefruit spoons to match the one I have from my Grandfather's house, and this stand, but wanted to pay less for them. Maybe next time.
This picture I wanted to get a while back, but decided against for the time being. It comes in a great old, gold painted frame. Makes you think that you are walking into the picture.Well, I got more goodies, but this sending my pictures on my cell phone to my email is so time consuming, and so many pictures just don't come out well , that I just delete them. I got other little goodies. I snagged a fabulous Vintage wire and sea shell hanging. I am No lover of sea shells, but it was just too cool. I will put a hanging lamp into it for Alex, or my studio. Boy, I better get going on that studio!!! 

Also found a bag of small, vintage, cotton batting birds. I have a tiny little ,blue, wooden cage that I've been working on that would love to meet one of those birds. Found a vintage rubber little boy toy, holding a tennis racket. It will be for hubby or son on one of their birthdays. So cute....and a couple of little other things to collage/paint/work on.

So please pardon the awful pics. I'm trying!

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Laurie said...

That purse is ADORABLE!