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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Watercolor Primitive Icon

An Icon is a depiction ,(painting, carving, etching..), of a holy figure or item in the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, (saint,archangel,guardian angel,holy person, or cross..).

One thing most people don't realize, is that these blessed paintings/carvings/etchings/ depictions  are the saint, archangel, or holy person looking out at us, blessing us. 

So when those in the mixed media art field, take an icon and 'defile' it, by say, cutting out the face, and putting in say a scull face, or something, it is considered to be sacrilegious.
Now, if they don't care, that is their choice of course.

 But, there are those who, knowing this, would not want to use such a picture in their artwork. I have seen the former, whereby the saint's picture was defiled. And I have seen beautiful artwork, reveling in the beauty of the depiction- creating either a stage/scene with the icon and embellishing, or just painting one in a respectful manner.

Another tidbit. The icon painters turned into the Palekh/Mystyora/Kholoui/Fedoskino painters ,(different types of Russian lacquered boxes and items which are very popular ).

These are just very brief, simplified bits of info for those who may be interested.:)


Poetic Dreams said...

RYN: It's just a micron black pen. I use them to make my quilt labels. I like to trace over my pencil marks so the picture will be permanent. Ya can get them in the scrapbooking section.


Poetic Dreams said...

RYN: Really? I didn't know they had that! Thanks for the sweet note. I've been learning to let people go by the wasteside because I was making myself so unhappy at the expense of my happiness. I think ya right that all we can do is pray for them and move on. Big hugs~

Jann said...

Interesting, and well-said. It has always bothered me when I've seen people use rosaries or other holy things as jewelry or use icons in art in an inappropriate way. I don't think a lot of people understand the significance of something like that. Your pictures is beautiful.

Patti said...

Very interesting Lydia
Thanks for sharing
God Bless You