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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Year of Sputnik

This is a copper etching(?) of Fr. Joseph, a wonderful man, who brought over my grandfather and his brother, and was my Dad's Godfather. If you click on it, you can kind of see it better. I forget exactly what it is called. Pictures were made from it.
I was born in the year of Sputnik. ...thus the Russian-American interviews on playlist talking about when Sputnik went up.

 My  Byelo-Russian born Mom came here right after the war, when she married my American born Dad in Germany. 

My grandfather on my Dad's side came over right before Lenin , ' saw the power on the streets and picked it up.' He was from the wrought iron factory town of Tula, right outside of Moscow, nearby Tolstoy's  Yasnaya Polyana. (He was sent over with a brother and an Orthodox priest for religious freedom. They saw the revolution coming, and at the time, my grandfather wanted to become a priest.) Tula is where they made the cannons and samovars. 

 My grandmother's family,(Dad's side), were Russian, from Galitsia, which is now the Austria-Hungary area.

Does anyone remember what the copper picture plate was called? It's slipping my mind right now. I want to say tin-type, but it is copper.

 I was very lucky that my grandfather gave me so many family memories such as this, at a very early age. I always appreciated the family history /belongings. I have a wealth of great things that are irreplaceable- such as letters from my Russian great-grandparents, the original boat ticket on the Christiania, passports...original St. Petersburg maps, and my grandfather's study books from Russia, and when he came to the US. There is so much more. It's just fabulous. How lucky am I ?

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Laurie said...

What a wonderful heirloom! I love stuff like that.