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Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Attitude and /or Gratitude !!!

An award for Attitude and /or Gratitude! Wow! I am honored, coming from Poetic Dreams, over at Lil Love Creations- a woman of considerable positive attitude, who has seen and experienced way too much in her lifetime, or for any one's lifetime for that matter. Amazing Grace.:)  

What a nice and humbling surprise:) Please visit Poetic Dreams for her touching artwork and words:) (Tell her I sent you, if you think of it).

Now it's my turn to give out this award. Here are the rules:

1)Put the logo on your blog or post ,(just right click and save to the desktop).

2)Nominate 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude.(If you don't have 10,                                                                                                                                                               it's OK).
3)Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4)Let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5)Share the love & link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
I nominate, ( I know that life is crazy , and that we all have less and less time, and in the past I 've won a couple of awards, but as a new blogger didn't quite know how to link, etc, so I never got around to make any nominations:) ),

Vivian  at Viv Out On a Whim- I know she just got back from a trip and is crazy busy, but I am in awe of how positive, and how prolifically positive she is! If you haven't stopped by her blog, just visit to see her bubbly personality oozing out  all over her blog:). She makes adorable little cuties and extras!

Patti at Treasure Barn-A remarkable woman , who in her 'second' artistic life is into collage art in a very elegant fashion. Compassionate and genuine, she is always thinking of others, trying to help in any way possible. Her constant words of encouragement to so many are truly a blessing to more than she will probably ever realize:)

Jann at A Vintage Heart- From the moment I saw her face on her profile & blog, I knew that she would be the nicest person in all the land:)(Tehe). ...and she is. That , and we had so many similar interests in our profile pages. Jann does gorgeous ATC's and other collage art, and her very sweet and compassionate personality come out in her dear,dear artwork.:)
Nancy over at Nancy's Never Enough Time-Nancy is a new great  find for me on the blogs:) Her quotes and words of inspiration remind me of all the words, inspirations, and quotes I've written in my journals since I was little, but forget  to post. She's into journaling and mixed media art, and her journals are captivating!

So go visit these wonderful ladies with Great Attitude & Gratitude! And to you  award recipients- continue if you choose and are able, or just post the award if there's no time. Either way, you definitely have earned the awards!:)

jkbfC ,&5,. ...///    /.,bvjhihbj  ...      UH, ...      Oh, Kiska Kitty has just tried to post, but the words got all jumbled up- no, wait, that's right, after all I do speak cat, so I'll translate. He said, "Nice Awards ladies, but Lydia has got to come off the computer and be with me and do some bills, so ,bye, for now...Bruppp!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lydia! Your words about my blog are so sweet! (and they remind me I need to update my quotes ... *lol*)

I'll be back later ... busy work day today!

Lydia said...


Jann said...

Lydia, thank you so much for the award, and for the kind words you wrote! You are very sweet, and I appreciate this so much. I posted the award on my blog last night, and I'm having a giveaway, too--so hop on over to visit me! Hugs, Jann

Patti said...

Sweet Lydia
You words posted here about me and my blog brought tears to my eyes. You are a dear and I appreciate this award so much.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs and God Bless You

Lydia said...

xo xo xo